Making both teams play for you
By: Sujatha
Published On: April 22, 2021

How to maximise your offline and online events in 2021: doing both!

Everyone loves a win-win situation.

Live events do offer their fair share of advantages, bolstered by the familiarity that comes with the domain for both attendees and organisers: from the influence that comes with in-person interactions to organic networking opportunities. However, if the past year has made one thing clear, it’s that digital events are here to stay.

And why not? Digital events have the advantage of saving time, money and optimising resources. They also ensure that many physical, linguistic and geographical disadvantages are mitigated. Not to mention, with the right tech solution, online events can also boost your brand image and allow experimentation unlike ever before. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Sundance Film Festival and its record half a million views!
The world is slowly, but steadily reaching a stage where we can once again plan to safely vaccinate and step out of our work-from-home environs. Along with this fact, is a new opportunity for branding, creativity and tech to come together: in the form of hybrid events.

Don’t get me wrong, hybrid events aren’t revolutionary. Apple, for example, has been known to use a fun mix of digital tools during their offline events to reach interested parties across the world.. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on how you can leverage the perks of this platform.

From video on-demand, saved conferences, and digital branded content libraries, brands have an opportunity to expand the reach of the event not just physically, but also through time: allowing for attendees to interact long after they have stepped out of their venues or logged off from the call. Event sponsors can also make the most of dynamic branding and advertising: with a multifold of means to grab attention, while also being able to convey more than your average traditional tools.

On the flipside, choosing to conduct hybrid events does come with its fair share of considerations as well: from costs that can be split between the two mediums to human resources that would need to be deployed. Factoring in technology, logistics and talent versus the payoff would be crucial to determining the right hybrid event that fits an individual brand, if at all. All this, knowing that we will still be living with at least traces of the pandemic for the foreseeable future.

In this case, one size most certainly does not fit all. The challenge before event marketers is to cherry-pick the ideal tools in the trade to make the most of their events. One of the more exciting aspects of this point in time of change also means that the most creative minds in the sphere are already brainstorming on the Next New Thing. And with technology laced into the mix, we can expect great things.

After all, the synergy of human and tech isn’t a particularly new hybrid either.


Founder & Director, COACT


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