5 Ways the Education System Won’t be the Same Post-Pandemic
By: Sujatha
Published On: August 3, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we shop, the way we travel, and the way we learn. With so many students and teachers being stuck at home, the education process has changed to an online one. This has led to a shift in the way people both learn and teach. Many of these changes have proved to be so useful that they are bound to stay with us even as the pandemic becomes a thing of the past.

  1. Catering to Pace: Remote learning via technology has helped students by catering to different learning paces. Since online classes can be recorded and accessed by those who may need them, the ability to go back and revisit classes in case of doubts or to catch up has become much easier. Students also believe that having classes gives them more flexibility in how they learn.
  2. Greater use of Audio Visuals: Much like most of us in the digital era, students have shorter attention spans. Teachers now have the opportunity to come up with more active ways to engage students to participate. The use of online resources to keep students’ attention has led to an increase in the use of audio-visual presentations. Using visually interesting and interactive methods of teaching helps learners retain more information and creates a fun and fruitful learning environment.
  3. Better planning and accessibility: The process of submitting and evaluating assignments has also become a much easier task for students and teachers respectively. The use of LMS (Learning Management System) has made planning and tracking classroom activities and creating learning material and content a simpler process for teachers and more accessible to the students for use.
  4. Upskilling and Reskilling: It’s not only school and college goers who have benefited from these developments. Although online courses and webinars have always been available online, the pandemic has led to a greater reliance and greater trust in them among professionals as well. People have been using their time at home as an opportunity to upskill and improve, or just learn something completely new. Upskilling and reskilling have become essential, with 59% of leading Learning and Development professionals calling it their topmost priority. The efficiency of online learning platforms in terms of time and money has also been an advantage.

EdTech Investment: Better availability of individual technological devices like smartphones and laptops and faster internet is one of the leading reasons why the EdTech (Education Technology) market is set to reach USD 181.3 billion by 2025. Investments in the EdTech market have seen an increase globally since 2020, with an increase in the number of such platforms. Edtech platforms have also seen a jump in sign-ups and engagement following the beginning of the lockdown.

The pandemic has created the chance to make a much more personalized and effective way of learning. Improvements in the current, rather impromptu methods of online teaching and learning can help create a completely different experience and take the education system a few steps above. Even COACT has partnered with many educational institutions in the past few years. The biggest challenge faced by the institutes was to connect the right audience with the right messaging. Hence, we have customised selective features, especially for education and training institutes, to help them compartmentalize their content assets for ideal learning conditions. Technology has given all of us access to millennia worth of knowledge, information, and resources right at our very fingertips. It’s about time we make the most of it!


Founder & Director, COACT


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