Case Study

Ajanta Pvt. Ltd.

Objective Be it a pandemic or not, the pharmaceutical industry always plays a salient role in the market. The medical field employees thrive on panel discussions, seek updates on new technologies and how they can utilize them for health benefits. Keeping in mind that...

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Objective The lifestyle industry faced a countless number of problems due to pandemic situations. One of them was a lack of motivation for employees to work and a drastic decrease in profits. We created a customized solution based on the objective i.e., a seamless...

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Panache Academy

Objective Ever since the deadly pandemic has been a cause to all discontinuity in countless firms across the sector, affecting numerous industries especially the education industry. It has made an enormous impact on human society today, although this reason has just...

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BFSI Webcast

Objective The insurance company wanted an opportunity for two-way communication between senior leaders during an organizational update. To overcome existing internal communication barriers and communicate with all colleagues at the same time.Challenges The insurance...

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Distributor Conferences

In these pandemic situations, FMCG is providing basic immunity to everyone, everywhere with the help of distributors. Now FMCG companies are playing an important role in creating engaging conferences for attendees (Distributors), especially virtual attendees. In...

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