How Virtual Streaming Will Evolve in 2021
By: Pawan
Published On: April 2, 2021




These are terms that had completely different connotations in most workplaces a mere year ago. Since, the world has seen them become practically household names. Professionals across the board have been reminded of the potential that online platforms have, and the opportunities they can provide: especially for virtual streaming for business.

Video is a crucial means of marketing today. As per Hubspot, 85% of marketers in 2020 used video as a tool for marketing, up from 61% in 2016. This rise in use also means an rapid evolution of the tech involved and how they are used. Here are four key predictions for the domain, for the crucial year that 2021 will be.

1. Hybrid events: The best of both worlds

Live events have always been great means to network, get to know the industry better and make your brand’s presence felt. Last year, many brands leveraged the possibilities of digital events to maintain effective communications between shareholders. 2021 will see the use of both versions in the form of hybrid events. Online components will allow for a wider attendee base, overcoming geographical and financial hurdles, and improved branding opportunities. The in-person aspect will help with face-to-face interactions, quality engagement and networking.

Dynamic branding opportunities at hybrid events


2. Gamified audience experience: More points earned

As more brands vie for a slice of the video streaming pie, audience engagement would play an even more important role in standing out and beating the clutter. Platforms that adapt a more gamified experience: interactive components, group tasks, points systems and rewards, will be the ones to look out for in 2021.

Interactive content at virtual brand stalls


3. Innovative features: What’s new?

As more users attend virtual events, innovation would be key to earning and maintaining consumer attention. Features such as the use of AI assistance, 360-degree views of venues, and even AR/VR: as they lend an experiential element to products and services. Innovations that look beyond gimmicks, but focus more on efficiency are those that will make their mark.

360-Degree view of venues/project sites


4. Improved Insights: Tools to Plan Better

To plan ahead, insights are key. Platforms that allow for marketing and live product performance tracking will give brands an edge, as they seek to find areas of improvement, and success factors. Analytics customised to the requirements of the company will prevent a clutter of data and focus on relevant information.

Insights Dashboard

The best platforms are not just the ones that keep up with the tech, but possess features best suited for the brand’s use. That said, 2021 does have a lot in store for this rapidly evolving industry, which is growing in features and users practically on a daily basis. As for me, it’s safe to say that it’s quite an exciting time to be a part of this sector indeed!


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