Panache Academy


Ever since the deadly pandemic has been a cause to all discontinuity in countless firms across the sector, affecting numerous industries especially the education industry. It has made an enormous impact on human society today, although this reason has just given us a boost to grow and render our services as much as possible to all firms by taking and innovating the channels and services of virtual tools & technologies to an incredibly successful level altogether.


  • The Panache Academy at Ahmedabad, Gujrat required a smooth, glitch-free commercial live stream session for an exuberant beauty pageant through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, etc. for not only their students but also a large audience for viewing this session.


  • We always believe in providing the best virtual platform services to all our clients by using advanced technological tools and our talented team. We catered to Panache Academy‚Äôs needs by providing them a Standard Social Media Webcast for the smooth functioning of their Beauty Pageant Livestream event. We also made sure there are no glitches and network errors.



Since this event happened virtually, participants, judges, audiences of any kind could reach out to this platform, being located anywhere across India, through just a simple click of a link.


Being held in a pandemic, conducting auditions, and communicating virtually aided the audience to view this at their ease.


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