The lifestyle industry faced a countless number of problems due to pandemic situations. One of them was a lack of motivation for employees to work and a drastic decrease in profits. We created a customized solution based on the objective i.e., a seamless transformation of physical events to virtual and to connect audiences residing in remote areas throughout India.


  • Our client, TITAN required a formal 3-day physical event that had to be catered to connect their employees across India including remote areas with low bandwidth connectivity for a corporate session – To Get with HR, which included discussion on new products in the market, to train & motivate their valuable employees and to provide downloadable informative content for the viewers.


  • By rendering a well-ordered live stream session, operating an authorized service station, a skilled team to provide technical assistance and accommodate over a thousand plus viewers by installing virtual lobbies, photo booths and vast auditoriums for this corporate event. This helped the users to reach out to their audience and accomplish the goals of the session.



To provide communication channels and internal technical guidance to our client.


Well-built connections to reach out to networks arising from 2G connection areas across India.


Allowing business to grow continuously and strengthening ties between business employees as well.


Your Technology Partner