How To Display Social Media Wall In Virtual Events
By: Sujatha
Published On: April 12, 2022

Virtual events have become a significant talk around the globe. These virtual events have managed to overcome many barriers faced by event organizers.

Now, event organizers can capture a global audience without moving an inch. In addition, it has reduced the event expenses and allowed organizers to exceed the number of event attendees.

Keeping all these benefits aside, the reality is that the attendees are sitting in the comfort of their homes, and the possibility of drifting away is high.

So what’s the solution for that? We will introduce a social wall to you. So, what is a social wall? Let’s find out.

What Is A Social Wall?
A social wall or social media wall is an engaging tool for virtual event organizers to add the element of social to virtual events. You can connect your preferred social media platform, curate it into a feed and seamlessly display the content to your virtual event audience.

A social wall is a responsive and device-friendly tool to showcase virtual events. Your virtual event audience could be accessing the virtual event either from their smartphones, tablets, or PC- the social wall will work on all of them.

So how can you leverage the social wall into your virtual events? Let’s find out!

Ideas To Display Social Media Feeds In Virtual Events
Here are some of the most promising ideas to seamlessly display the engaging social wall in virtual events.

Boost Social Visibility
Showcasing engaging social media posts at your event will boost the social visibility of your virtual event or brand. When you add the social media wall at your event premises, your audience will engage with your social media posts.

They will visit your social media platform if they like the content and follow it. They will share it with their friends and family members, boosting your social presence like never before.

Enhance Communications At The Virtual Event
Social wall offers real-time updates. That’s because it is auto-synced. So, each time there is a new update, it immediately appears on the social wall at your virtual event. It calls for an excellent opportunity to improve the communications at your virtual event.

The virtual event attendees can share social media updates, and the content will appear on the social wall in real-time. It will encourage the attendees to communicate.

Encourage Gamification With UGC
User-generated content is the content created by your virtual event attendees. When you showcase this attendee-generated content in your virtual event, it creates gamification at your event. In addition, it instills social proof in the attendees, who also feel encouraged to create content for you.

It also calls for an excellent opportunity to run hashtag campaigns at your virtual event. Your virtual event attendees would create social posts using your unique hashtag, and it will immediately appear on the social wall, encouraging more people to participate.

Uninterrupted Experience With Social Media Ticker
A social wall also comes in the form of a social media ticker. You must have come across the news ticker that runs right below the live streaming news. The social ticker is something similar.

Instead, you will have the textual social content by running horizontally right below the live streaming virtual event. The social ticker is a great tool to enhance engagement at your virtual event through social media without interrupting the ongoing event.

Improve Sponsors’ Visibility During Virtual Event
Sponsors are an essential aspect of any virtual event. They enable better functioning of the virtual event, and they help you offer the best to your audience. So, it would help if you offered them something in return.

Use the social wall to highlight your sponsors’ social media posts. It is a great strategy to dedicate a space to your sponsors. The social wall also comes with detailed insights and metrics to measure the performance of the social media posts on the social wall. You can offer these results to your sponsors to show them the benefits of sponsoring your virtual events.

Promote Your Upcoming Virtual Event
A social wall is undoubtedly the most exciting and attractive part of any virtual event. Moreover, it calls for an excellent opportunity to promote your upcoming virtual events on the social wall.

That way, you will be able to gather an audience who are already interested in attending virtual events. You can also offer on-the-spot registrations.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!
Alas! We reach the end. So, these were some of the performance-driven ideas on how uniquely you can leverage the engaging social wall into your virtual events.

The social wall adds the element of ‘social’ into your virtual events to keep the audience hooked and engaged throughout the virtual event. So what are you waiting for? Explore the potential of the social wall in your virtual event today.


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